Increase the Value of the Companies You Manage

The A5 Reality MapTM is an enterprise diagnostic tool that helps you find the fastest path to revenue growth. 
  • Grow Revenues
  • Create Investor Value
  • Execute Effectively

Are your portfolio companies facing any of these challenges?

  • CEO needs support with go-to-market activities
  • Need to accelerate progress towards growth goals
  • Must integrate newly acquired sales and marketing teams
  • Need to overcome stagnant growth 
  • Lack of a solid value proposition for their offerings
  • Optimization of sales and marketing structure, or performance
  • Strategy refinement to support effective execution

How the A5 Reality Map Can Help

Prioritizing a path to growth will help your portfolio companies reach their goals. Not only will you know where you are going, but you will mitigate potential pitfalls along the way. This includes improving communication and defining an executable plan with accountability measures in place.

Prioritized Path to Growth

We help your portfolio companies make progress towards their revenue goals and overcome difficult stages, such as stagnant growth.

Improved Communication

We provide guidance to integrate newly acquired sales and marketing teams and stabilize communication across the organization. For external communication, we work with your client-facing team to develop a solid value proposition for their product offerings.


We help uncover the information you need to guide your companies to a healthy business. Your portfolio companies will know how to optimize their sales and marketing team structures for improved performance.


We work with your portfolio CEOs to refine their business strategy to support effective execution. We develop go-to-market strategies that lead to long-term growth.

It’s like having x-ray vision into your portfolio companies.

We understand operating partners need the right information on your path to increased valuation. You must have swift, but relevant, insights to make the best decisions for your portfolio’s success.

A5 Advisory has worked with hundreds of leaders, helping them focus on solving the most important problems they’re experiencing. We’ve navigated transitions with dozens of private equity owned organizations and know what they struggle with in various stages with their investment partners.

How does a Reality Map engagement work?

Through this proven 4-week engagement, we validate the challenges you know you have and uncover the ones you don’t.


Executive Evaluation Session

We meet with the CEO to determine current perceived challenges, discuss organizational goals and objectives, and identify key internal stakeholders.                                                                                   


Online Organizational Assessment

Each member of the organization completes an online survey that covers five key categories of business health. Our team reviews and analyzes these results across multiple baseline metrics.


Targeted Stakeholder Interviews

We conduct a series of targeted interviews with key internal team members and stakeholders. These findings are summarized in a collated view and combined with the survey results in the final reporting.


Findings and Recommendations

We host an interactive session with the organization’s leadership team to share results and implications of the findings. We provide our recommendations for the top 3 priorities, next steps to implement, and how to track progress.

Client Testimonials

Private equity firms and CEOs have looked to A5 Advisory as a trusted advisor, seeking our help in building successful growth strategies. We’ve helped portfolio companies generate predictable revenues with healthy growing businesses that are poised for success.